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Thanks to all who made it out to the Cedar on Thursday evening. City Pages offered up a great synopsis of the event in print and photo form:

Some of the conspirators responsible for 318 Cafe and the Aster Cafe recently opened a new joint named Republic in the space that used to house Sgt. Prestons on seven corners. They are attempting to have live music that focuses on two-or-three member ensembles that perform in different configurations than is typical of each individual musician. For example, on Saturday 8/20, Casey O’Brien, Graham O’Brien, and I will be putting together a few new songs from a project called Proofreader that involves some sampling, drumming, bassing, and singing. We’ll be doing some Adam Svec tunes as well. Here’s the FB invite for more info:

The show starts around 10:00PM and ends at 11:00PM. Make sure you hit up the West Bank Music Festival ( and then head down to Republic afterwards. Summer’s measures are ending… don’t miss the last chorus.


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Smells Like Cedar Spirit

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As I was opening a pabst blue ribbon on Friday evening at a delightful party on Chicago Avenue, I suffered a small incision on the tip of the middle finger on my right hand. This “injury” has been particularly bothersome for activities such as playing guitar, washing dishes, and holding stuff over the last few days. The experience, unfortunately, made the PBR taste a little sour. However, it allowed me to reflect on my childhood a bit.

I recalled my friend Adam and I taking small sips of liquor from bottles in his parents’ cellar. Since we clearly had to cover our tracks, we would refill the bottles with a little bit of some alternative liquid after the crime had been committed. Since we were in fifth or sixth grade, our understanding of the importance of the flavor of liquor was a little foggy. If the pilfered liquor had been brown in color, we would add a mixture of pepsi and water to the bottle. If the bottle was cream-based, such as bailey’s (this was our favorite), we would add milk. The more sleep-overs we had, the more the pepsi-or-milk-to-liquor ratio increased. I have no idea how often Adam’s parents actually cracked any of the bottles in their cellar liquor cabinet, but I now feel somewhat ashamed of us. I can see his dad pouring a glass of scotch after a day of hard work at (whatever he did) and detecting something off. On one hand, if your scotch had a hint of pepsi, it might be amusing to think of your 12-year-old child trying to cover up his testing of the alcohol waters. On the other hand, if you got a mouthful of warm milk that had been sitting in a bailey’s bottle in the basement for six months, I think that amusement would turn into grounding and probably a reassessment of your child’s capability of attending a university down the road.

Anyway, the real reason for this Sunday afternoon post is to tell you about a show at the Cedar Cultural Center on Thursday evening. Here’s the invite:

Here are the details:

A night of improvised music featuring the following musicians:

Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier)
Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, The Shouting Matches)
Joe Horton (No Bird Sing)
Bobby Mulrennan (No Bird Sing, Emot, Chastity Brown Band)
Graham O’Brien (No Bird Sing)
Casey O’Brien (Face Candy, Carbon Carousel)
Alexie Caselle (Roma di Luna, Kill the Vultures)
Martin Dosh (Dosh, Andrew Bird)
Mike Rossetto (Spaghetti Western String Co., Pines)
JT Bates (Alpha Consumer, Pines)
David Huckfelt (Pines)
Benson Ramsey (Pines)
Jake Hanson (‘Halloween, Alaska’, Wishbook)
Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Guitar Party, Andrew Bird)
Mijah Ylvisaker (Guitar Party)
Michelle Kenny (Jelloslave, Mississippi Peace)
Chris Cunningham (Mississippi Peace)
Chastity Brown (Chastity Brown Band)
Adam Svec (Adam Svec)
Chris Keller (Kristoff Krane)

with live art performed by Michael Gaughan (Ice Rod) and Zach Koss

TICKETS ON-SALE 7/22 AT NOON HERE:​ents/2011/08/11/coloring-t​ime-presents-night-improvi​sed-music-and-art

See you there.


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