Weaks In The Waves

April 25, 2011 at 4:26 am (Uncategorized)

Dear Minneapolis,

We’ve been close for quite some time. I’d like to introduce you to my good friends Adam Krinsky and Graham O’Brien. They have taken the work of Chris Salter, Karen Salter, Ben Rengstorf, Eric Blair/Joe Horton, Casey O’Brien, Robert Mulrennan, and myself, and turned it into a masterpiece. I do not take much credit for this sorcery, but I will gladly promote the hell out of it. The record is called “Weaks In The Waves.” It sounds like a magic wand, and it will be released at Cause on 5/20/11. In addition, we’re having a listening party at the Aster Cafe on 5/17/11 from 8-10PM (where, hopefully, the album will be for sale… for all you daytimers). In addition to that addition, Bethany Barberg and David Campbell have graciously asked us to record some tracks for 89.3 The Current. A track off the new record will be the Song-Of-The-Day on 5/13. Soon enough, we’ll have songs for you to stream.

Addendum to the additions: Andrew LaValle (voted “badass DJ of all”) is going to have us on Radio K’s Off-The-Record on 5/20.

A little bit of back story about the album: My roommate and bandmate, Ben Rengstorf, volunteered at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic during the summer of 2009. While visiting him for a week at the end of his assignment, my friends and I discovered that Hispanola is another world. Although there are wealthy spots on the island, the majority of the citizens are quite un-wealthy. Many of the songs on “Weaks In The Waves” have connections to a perspective-shift that happened within me on that trip. I am, at heart, a selfish person, but I am doing my best to fight that. I hope this record allows you to listen beyond the boundaries of self-discovery and keeps you honest in a boundless world… I also hope it’s catchy as f*ck and it makes you want to listen to it more than once.




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