And the Bleak

February 11, 2010 at 5:09 am (Uncategorized)

The release show on 1/29 was a great distraction from the darkness. In case you didn’t make it, the Kitty Cat sold out by 11pm. The night was a little quiet as far as the sound-system was concerned, but it was enjoyable. Caroline and Jesse broke some hearts. Karen, Chris, Ben, and I broke some banks. Bobby, Joe, and Graham fixed all of it and then set it to a rhyming scheme.

I went to a reading/Q&A last night at Magers & Quinn. Wells Tower mentioned that he is neurotic about avoiding reviews of his work. Man… I am neurotic about the exact opposite. I scour the horizon for anything that anyone writes about me. I devour it, and then I post it on facebook as many times as it will let me. I shove it down throats for weeks. If you write it, I’ll read the sh*t out of it. I’m probably the only person that reads most of that stuff anyway. I liked Wells Tower, but I thought he came off as a little arrogant and unrealistic with his “I hate the internet, new york, and reading reviews” thing. If he were 22,  I could forgive him, but he’s not.

I’m ready for another tone. I don’t even know what that means yet, but I think I will soon. A new color, a new shade, a new tint, a new note… something.



  1. Ben said,

    Reading reviews is a good thing. Assuming you’re not making art only for yourself, it’d be nice to hear feedback from others who’re consuming it. What’s the point, otherwise?

  2. artclecticacademic said,

    You asked for it (and you’re brave enough to hear it–good for you). I love what Shank wrote about “Resolution” here. I don’t understand how “Breaking Strings” would not be relevant to any late-20-something in most places in the world. Your voice is as killingly honest as your lyrics. I love the harmonies on “You Will Die Young.” When you gonna stop makin’ us weep and make a polka or somethin’ on that there accordion? Keep up the good work, Adam. You’ve got a gift, man.

    • enemyswimmer said,

      Thanks man, I appreciate that. I’ll check out Josh’s words today.

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