Let’s Hear It For The Boys

July 26, 2009 at 12:11 am (Uncategorized)

Let’s see, where to start…hm… Well, last night was probably The Glad Version’s last show as a full band.  The fine folks at The College Agency may ask us to do some acoustic sets this fall, but I doubt if we’ll ramp up a full blown rock extravaganza (not that we really ever did… extravaganzas are for The Flaming Lips).  It was a good show… I was proud to play it, and I was happy to share the stage with Travis, Tor, and Chris.  The Glad Version started as Boy With Stick in the Fall of 2000 in Decorah IA.  It has been a very conscious and deliberate process to keep this engine in motion.  Many engineers have manned the locomotive (Bryan Rieck, Chris Salter, Michael McGregor, Shawn Neary, Tor Johnson, Travis Welk, Adam Svec).  TGV has briefly toured the East Coast for the last four years.  We have played some great shows and some terrible shows.  This year has been filled with changes for me (and for the rest of the members of The Glad Version).  I don’t really know what one is supposed to say or do when a band counts its hours and gets ready to hang up the gloves.  It’s really not so serious as that, but it makes me pause and consider why I am a little low today.  I have loved this.



  1. tomatobrown said,

    the only contant thing is change

  2. Steve Severa said,


    Just wanted to stop by and say its sad news about the Glad Version. Amazing band, discovered you guys a little late I guess (about 2 and half years ago) but was struck dumb by how good you were. I should also say that I love Enemy Swimmer too…been forcing it on people here in the UK non stop…do another album and soon.



  3. Margaret Scharnweber said,

    Hi, I am trying to reach Micheal McGregor, I used to work with his dad and have some questions about the music business. Can I get his e-mail address?

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