May 7, 2009 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I peruse craigslist for musical gear fairly often.  By no means do I need more stuff, but I’m addicted to good deals.  I probably have a diagnosable ‘sale bug,’ but we’ll leave that for another blog post.  I would like to know why people feel the need to be such badasses on craigslist.  I know that there are some scammers that a person might encounter, but most of the dealings I’ve had with craigslisters have been fairly pleasant… weird… but pleasant.  That’s why I don’t really understand the need to use terms like “$1000 firm, don’t even think about offering me a trade” or “cash only, no low ball offers” or “local pick up only, absolutely will not ship.”  I understand that these parameters make for fewer questions later, but why are the parameters always coupled with some sort of subtle insult?  If you’ve already set the price at $1000 and someone emails an offer of $400… just don’t email them back… that’s it.  If somebody makes an offer of $950, are you seriously going to go balistic on them?  That’s a pretty good deal for you.  It’s not like someone is going to respond to your $1000 guitar with an offer of $4000.  “Hey man, I know your guitar is posted at $1000, but I was wondering if I could pay you $4000 instead?…”  Of course the offer is going to be lower than you’ve posted… that’s the deal!  That’s what craigslist is about.  Bartering, bargaining, trading… people shop on craigslist because they want a deal, not because they want to mortgage their house for a used Telecaster.  So, in conclusion, just put the basic information on the craigslist post.  If we want to be e-scolded for a low-ball offer, we’ll email you… see you on the list.


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