April 10, 2009 at 3:47 am (Uncategorized)

Couple things:

1) Watch out for an interview to be posted within the next couple weeks on: http://foodforthebeloved.wordpress.com/

2) I just got word tonight that I’ll tentatively be playing the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts on June 20th at 1:15 on the Star Tribune stage.  See details here: http://www.stonearchfestival.com/

**So it’s April again, and you know what that means.  Jesus dies… again.  And then he raises from the dead three days later… again.  Jesus seriously needs to find a new trick.  He’s been pulling this passion play sh*t for a couple years now, and I’m not buying it anymore.

I had a single malt irish whiskey called Wild Geese last night at “Merlin’s Rest” over on East Lake Street.  I tell you what… you should have some.  It is worth the money.  A couple years ago, my favorite east-lake bar went under, and I was pretty sad to see it go.  Luckily, Molly Quinn’s has been re-imagined and re-invented in a delightful little place called Merlin’s Rest.  It’s as Irish as you like and as English as you hate.

If April showers don’t destroy us, summer sweat is just around the bend.  Cheers to my friends and my family.  They make this suffocating climate worthwhile.


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