George Washington crossed a river. I found some liquor.

February 7, 2009 at 6:07 am (Uncategorized)

It’s February again, and that means I’ll be getting older.  I think 58 will be a good year, but I really shouldn’t speak of it before it’s gone… it’s bad luck.  I found this mention on a blog:

I’ve recently been annoyed (as Andy Meyer mentioned in his facebook function) by the overuse of the word “random.”  It doesn’t really mean anything, and I wish people would hang it up.  Also, I’m fed up with facebook participants stating things like “You know man, I am not usually the type of person to do these things (25-random-things about myself), but I guess I’ll give it a go.”… Dude… everybody that ever completes a 25-random-things survey always says “I don’t usually do this stuff, but….” so basically, that makes you EXACTLY the type of person that “does this stuff.”  Just accept that you are a normal/typical person, and we’ll forgive you.  All of us normal boring people love facebook… it’s okay… you can too.  However, If you keep demanding to be singled out as and individual, all I’ve got for you is a frown and a headshake.


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