Pacific North West… eat my heart out.

January 20, 2009 at 6:27 am (Uncategorized)

(continue) On Sunday 1/11/09, I played The Sunset Tavern in Seattle WA with Cataldo and Bryn Lumsden.  Bryn used to play guitar for a little band called Fleet Foxes.  It was a fun show.  I bought tequila, talked to my friends John, Pete, Andy, and Alice… and I also sang back up / played guitar for a couple Cataldo songs.

On Monday 1/12/09, I picked up Hannah (Havana) from the airport and we spent three days in British Columbia hiking and hanging out.  Hannah teaches cycle class, does yoga, runs, saves kittens, starts fires for the homeless, and teaches a grad school course.  She’s basically way out of my league, but I’m really glad that she’s willing to spend her days with me.

On Wednesday 1/14/09, Hannah and I walked around the seawall of Stanley Park in Vancouver.  Then, we picked up Alice and Andy in Seattle (after being stopped by the border patrol for possession of citrus fruit) and headed straight to Olympia.  I played a set at The Abe Kat Museum in Olympia for approximately seven Evergreen State College students.  There were dishes in the sink of the the “venue” that could’ve been mistaken for long-term art projects.

On Thursday 1/15/09, Hannah, Andy, and I headed to Bellingham.  As one of the most beautiful US towns I’ve ever encountered, Bellingham had some sort of strange magic that it conjered over the three of us.  We really had a great time taking pictures on the Puget Sound before I had to play a set at The Green Frog.

On Friday 1/16/09, we rented bikes to ride down to Ballard.  My chain came off, and the tank-like defense system that the dutch rental bike endowed was unreasonably difficult to fix.  It took a bike shop 25 minutes to get the chain back on the gears.

On Saturday 1/17/09, Hannah and I flew home.  We arrived at 5:40AM on 1/18/09, and it was not terribly pleasant.  I am not happy to be back in Minnesota, and I plan to go back to Seattle as soon as I’m done with grad school… which will be four and a half years from now… see you then.


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