Minneapolis takes Manhattan (It’s like “Jason takes Manhattan”, but a lot more violent)

October 27, 2008 at 3:23 pm (Uncategorized)

So, The Glad Version just returned from a fantastic trip to New York for the 2008 CMJ Music Festival. Draw Fire Record’s biodiesel bus adventure was a success. The trip started with a night of apprehensive sleep in uncomfortable positions. However, as soon as the bus landed at our hotel in beautiful Elizabeth NJ (just outside of Newark), the good times started rolling. I decided to go for a walk and see if I could get some beer for the boys. Apparently the apocalypse preceded my stroll through the neighborhood near the hotel. The streets were lined with broken glass, syringes, garbage, and shopping carts. Absolutely every establishment (including McDonald’s) was surrounded by razor wire atop ten foot fences. When I did finally find a liquor store, I started to wonder if walking back to the hotel with a bag full of booze was such a good idea. Fortunately, Newark let me live.

The bus delivered us to the Ivy Brown Gallery late Friday afternoon. We loaded our gear into the space, and then Kyle and Justin were kind enough to set up all of the sound equipment so that it would be ready for the show. Travis, Tor, Chris, Jenn, Holly and I walked up the block to get CMJ badges and dinner. With sets by Stook!, Sam Keenan, us, Aviette, Bill Mike Band, and Kid Dakota playing to a full house at the Ivy Brown Gallery, DFR swung and swayed through a night in Manhattan. Full of Surly, I accidentally dropped the keg down the stairs as were leaving. For some reason, my mind decides to get inappropriately emotional in certain really benign situations… the “keg dropping” was one of these situations… I guess that’s why I write songs.

The bus trip home was filled with better sleep, episodes of The Office, and podcasts. Andrea, Jenn, and Eric were doing their best to document the trip. You can find blog entries, podcast highlights and pictures at the following links:





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