Schools Out for Summer!!! … oh wait.

August 26, 2008 at 3:35 am (Uncategorized)

First of all, my favorite comedy duo The Mustache Rangers have featured some “fan art” that I composed last year on their site (  Their podcast is seriously the best twelve minutes of my week.

Second of all, I’m starting grad school at the University of Minnesota in seven days.  In 2013, I’ll presumably be a Doctor of Audiology.  It’s been a solid six years since I’ve even thought about a notebook or a pencil, so I’m curious to see how I fare in this first semester.

Third of all, The Glad Version is playing the Minnesota State Fair Kare 11 Stage on Saturday (8/30) around 5:50.  The Wapsipinicon is playing the Kitty Cat Klub later that night around 10:00.  If you love spending money and you love driving, you should come to both.  Otherwise, I’ll see you some other time.




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  1. Devon said,

    Adam, just found your blog. Let me know if you need any support with school stuff or if you have forgotten how to study. 🙂 I am almost on the other side of my doctorate!

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