Poem for 4/14/08

April 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized)

you could cut the tension in the office with a knife
jimmy had worked at help desk for “Petey’s Perfect Parachutes” for over ten years
and he’d never seen something this bad
in the doorway stood a man holding an empty parachute bag in one hand and a 357 magnum in the other
“you know what i found when i opened this bag, jimmy?” asked the man
“i don’t know sir, what did you find?” replied jimmy
“an anvil, jimmy… i found a f*&king anvil instead of a parachute”
the man was Petey
jimmy had packed the parachute personally in attempt to do-in Petey once and for all
but somehow Petey had figured it out
jimmy was not in a good spot
not in a good spot at all
Petey leveled his revolver right between jimmy’s eyes


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