No Time for TV

April 4, 2008 at 9:19 pm (Uncategorized)

To try out some of the songs with percussion, Tor has been kind enough to agree to join me for a show on Monday.  We’re playing at the 400 Bar.

In other news, Kurt Vonnegut is a genius.  Within the abstract sci-fi template, his explanation of the human condition is fantastic.  I am pages away from finishing The Sirens of Titan.  My favorite excerpt is:

“Once upon a time on Tralfamodore there were creatures who weren’t anything like machines.  They weren’t dependable.  They weren’t efficient.  They weren’t predictable.  They weren’t durable.  And these poor creatures were obsessed by the idea that everything that existed had to have a purpose, and that some purposes were higher than others.

These creatures spent most of their time trying to find out what their purpose was.  And every time they found out what seemed to be a purpose of themselves, the purpose seemed so low that the creatuers were filled with disgust and shame.

And, rather than serve such a low purpose, the creatures would make a machine to serve it.  This left the creatures free to serve higher purposes.  But whenever they found a higher purpose, the purpose still wasn’t high enough.

So machines were made to serve higher purposes, too.

And the machines did everything so expertly that they were finally given the job of finding out what the highest purpose of the creatures could be.

The machines reported in all honesty that the creatures couldn’t really be said to have any purpose at all.

The creatures thereupon began slaying each other, because they hated purposeless things above all else.

And they discovered that they weren’t even very good at slaying.  So they turned that job over to the machines, too.  And the machines finished up the job in less time than it takes to say, ‘Tralfamodore.'” – pg. 279-280


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