Welcome to your local Enemy Swimmer

March 28, 2008 at 4:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Last year while I was writing songs that would eventually become “The Glad Version – Make Islands,” there were a number of tracks that didn’t really fit with the rest of the material that we were using for the band. I started to try out these new songs by booking a couple of solo shows. As the tracking for Make Islands came to a close in August, Tor and I thought it would be cool to lay down a lot of these tracks that didn’t make it onto Make Islands. In the meantime, I had written a few more songs that fit quite nicely into the solo context. In January 2008, Tor, Gunnar, and I started tracking for this new record. It only took about two weekends worth of work to complete the initial tracking. There were some clean up days here and there to take care of some loose ends, but most of the tracking was done by mid-February. Since then, Tor has spent the last month in Better Weather Studio mixing the record. Every new track list I get from him sounds exponentially better than the previous list. He’s done a fantastic job with the material. The album features Chris Salter on banjo, guitar, and vocals; Holly Munoz on vocals; Tor Johnson on percussion, keyboard, tape delay, engineering, mixing, mastering, all around huge amount of time; and yours truly on vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, and keyboard. Enemy Swimmer consists of 12 tracks. The album order is forthcoming. The hard release date has yet to be determined as well.


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